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Bright rooms
and apartments 

Welcome to Skejbyparken, which is located in the northern city area called Skejby. One part of the hall of residence is from 2001 and consists of rentals build as shareable 2-room apartments, where a resident in each of the rooms share a kitchen, and a toilet/shower. You can apply for a room in an apartment or you can apply for the entire apartment. The other part of the hall of residence is from 2022 and consists of 1-, 1½- og 2-room apartments. All the rentals appear bright and modern and are sound insulated. The view from most of the rooms is amazing, and some can even see the ocean. If you need to go downtown Aarhus, you can take either the yellow (1A and 6A) or the blue busses, they will take you straight there and pass the University on the way.

Location: Buildings from 2001: Skejbyparken 2-12, 8200 Aarhus N. Building from 2022 - Skejbyparken 21-23. Location on map





The Rentals

Skejbyparken has the following rentals:
142 rooms, approx. 28 m2 (from 2001)
4 shareable 2-room apartments, approx. 56 m2 (from 2001)
51 one room apartments, approx 39 m2 (from 2022)
3 1 1/2 room apartments, approx 48 m2. (from 2022)
18 2 room apartments, approx 49 m2 (from 2022)

Description: Part from 2001: Parquet flooring and a wardrobe in each room. There's a storage room for each resident in the basement beneath the common house. There is an elevator in each building. Part from 2022: There is a depot room in the rental.
Rent: Depends on the housing type (for more information press "Apply for rental"). 
Included in the rent: Water, heat and internet (electricity is also included in rental type 03).
Smoking: Not allowed indoors. Only allowed at a marked spot behind the common house. 
Pets: Not allowed.

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Shared facilites


Shared outside areas

We have a lovely, sunny patio located at the main entrance by the common building. 
At the outside areas we also have a soccer field, baskets and crolf field. Furthermore we have a large lawn which is widely used during the summer for reading, sunbathing and having a good time. 

Common house

In buidling 8 are our washing machines and tumble dryers. The consumption is registered with your personal laundry card and added automatically to the rent.
The common room is also located in building 8.
It is possible to rent the common room for private gatherings on Fridays and Saturdays.
When you rent the common house you also receive the key for the kitchen, which is equipped with kitchen utentils and tableware for about 30 persons. 
If you want to rent the common room, please contact  the estate commitee .

Please have a look inside

These tours are examples from a 1-room (type 10) and a 1½-room apartment (type 20).
As well as a room (type 3)/two-room apartment (type 30)