Ravnsbjerg Kollegiet

Cleaning the shared areas



General information

Cleaning of the shared areas
For more information about the cleaning of the shared areas push the button "Risdalsvej" or "Moltkesvej" above.

Cleaning agreement
The Resident council and the board at Skjoldhøjkollegiet have decided on a cleaning agreement. The purpose is to maintain a decent level of cleaning in the shared areas at the hall of residence.

Paying for insufficient cleaning
The amount will be charged over the rent and be imposed the responsible resident.

Empty rooms
In the case, where an empty room has the cleaning duty according to the cleaning plan, the cleaning company will not be ordered to take care of the lack of cleaning. 

Please remember that all residents have a responsibility to participate in keeping the kitchen/the stairways clean according to the lease contract and the maintainance regulations. This means that the areas should be kept clean on a continous basis.

Do you have suggestions that can improve the cleaning agreement? Please contact the Resident council.

Exchanging with another resident
If you wish to make a written agreement with another resident to state an exchange of the cleaning duty, you can fill in this document. Be aware of the fact that even though you switch with another resident, any possible costs in relation to a lack of cleaning will be directed at the resident responsible according to the cleaning plan.

Agreement - exchange of cleaning duty

Pay attention to the following examples

To avoid any remarks, when the cleaning control takes place, please pay attention to the following examples that residents often forget to clean properly. 

Stains on the floor in the corridor


Dirt in the corners on the stairs


Dirt along the walls in the corridor


Dirt under the trolley table in the kitchen