Nørre Allé Kollegiet

Cozy rooms
in the city

Welcome to Nørre Allé Kollegiet, which contains 57 rooms for rent. Here each resident has his or her own room and private toilet/shower facilities. There are 15 corridors and all residents in a corridor share an entrance area and a kitchen. In the shared kitchen you can cook for yourself or meet up with the other residents for a cozy get-together. At the hall of residence, there is likewise a common room, which may be used by all residents to talk or simply just hang out. The building is from 1994, and has been renovated continously since then, so it is in good condition. The location in the heart of Aarhus gives you the complete city experience - with the habor area, the shopping street and a handful of the city's educational institutions only a stone's throw away. There is a laundry room, a backyard and a limited number of parking spaces available for the residents to use. We hope, you will enjoy your stay here. 

Location: Nørre Allé 53, 8000 Aarhus C, Location on map



The Rentals

At Nørre Allé Kollegiet there are 57 rooms on each approx. 25 m2.
You share kitchen with 2-3 other people.

Description: The room is unfurnished except for window blinds. There is laminate flooring. Each resident has private toilet/shower facilities, and in the basement each corridor has a storage room, which can be used at one's own risk. 
Rent: Depends on the rental type (for more information press "apply for rental").
Included in the rent: The use of water, heat and internet.
Smoking: Not allowed indoors and not allowed at the outdoor baconies. Residents, who move in after 1.7.2022 are not allowed to smoke in their rentals. 
Pets: Not allowed.
Nørre Allé Kollegiet
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Shared facilities

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    Common room nørre allé
    kitchen nørre allé triplette