Mejlgade Kollegiet

A charming home
in the heart of Aarhus

Mejlgade Kollegiet is a small, centrally located hall of residence. It is situated in the city part called Latinerkvarteret only a few meters from the habor area and the shopping street with cafées, stores and the city life happening just outside the front door. The hall of residence consists of a front building and a smaller building on the backside, and they were build in 1880 and 1906. In 1983 it transformed into a hall of residence and it has kept its charm ever since. There is a small garden in the yard and a common room, which can be used by all residents, when spending time together. 

Location: Mejlgade 21-23, 8000 Aarhus C, Location on map





The Rentals

Mejlgade Kollegiet contains:
12 rooms for rent, approx. 25-27 m2
16 1- rom apartments, approx. 29-34 m2
14 2-room apartments, approx. 44 m2.

Description: All apartments have a private kitchen and toilet/shower. The residents renting the rooms share kitchen, shower and toilet with 2-3 other people. It is randomly choosen whether you are going to share with a male or a female. All kitchens are equipped with cabinets, stove and oven, and a fridge. All rentals have parquet floorings.   
Rent: Depends on the rental type (for more information press "apply for rental").
Included in the rent: The use of water, heat and internet. 
Smoking: Not allowed indoors. Residents, who move in after 1.7.2022 are not allowed to smoke in their rentals.
Pets: Are not allowed.
Mejlgade Kollegiet
mejlgade bike distances

Shared facilities

    mejlgade kollegiet front facade
    Backyard mejlgade kollegiet
    bike shed mejlgade kollegiet
    mejlgade kollegiet garden
    Common room mejlgade
    laundry mejlgade kollegiet
    mejlgade kollegiet common room

Mejlgade Kollegiet has a lot of facilities for the residents; among others is a common room, an atrium and a bike shed for outdoor parking of bikes. 

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