common room

Common room

The common room is located between building 3 and 5. This room is available for all residents at the dorm. In the room is a kitchen with the standard kitchen equipment, fridge, oven, tv and couch. Furthermore the room has a toilet. 
The room is for social gatherings and parties with your fellow residents. 
It is possible to rent the room for private purpose and events. You can book it at aaparkenbooking.dk 
Here you can also find the rules for renting the room. 

study room

Study room

The dorm has study rooms where you can concentrate on your studies. You book the rooms at the calendres posted on the doors to the rooms. 

When you book the rooms, you note your apartment number and the time for the use of the room. Each apartment may have three future bookings as a maximum. In this way we all have a possibility to book room. You can always also use the common room for studying. 
The study room must as all other shared areas be left cleaned and ready to use for the next resident to use the room. If you do not turn up within 15 minutes after the the beginning of the booking, the booking is considered as cancelled. 

fitness room

Fitness room

The fitness room can be used for free by the residents of the dorm. Please tidy up after yourself after use of the machines and equipment. Turn off radio/light when you leave the room, clean and wipe off the machines when you have used them and wear only indoor or cleaned shoes in the room. In case of damages, deficiencies or suggestions, please contact aaparkensbestyrelse@gmail.com 

activity room

Activity room

The activity room is for the residents of the dorm and their guests. You must of course always follow the house rules; that is tidy up after yourself. Take care of the equipment and contact the estate committee damages, deficiencies or suggestions. 

Please note that you cannot book the activity room, so even if you have booked the common room, residents are still allowed to use the activity room. 



The dorm has a covered and locked bike parking room. The bikes must be parked in the bike stands and must therefore not be placed in the outide walking areas or in the basement (except in your own basement room). 

Each basement room has a small bike station, where you can hang the bike on hooks; the room is also equipped with a compressor and other small tools for the bike. 

Please contact the caretaker in case of deficiencies or suggestions to bike equipment. 


Other facilities

  • Shared terraces at each floor
  • Laundry (soap is included)
  • Storage room for each apartment in the basement (2 m2 - height 2,6 m)
  • Cleaning room with detergents
  • Percussion drill - ask the caretaker